Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is in the air

Are we done? Is it over? That wasn't that bad. I mean, I remember needing my jacket on a few of those bone chilling January nights. But I never felt overwhelmed by the cold, trapped in the endless frost last winter led me to believe would never end.

So now what? How about patio season: al fresco dining, with an opened garage over the bar, and plenty of space in the sun on our dog friendly patio.

In case you haven't noticed, we continue to add tequilas every week to our ever expanding list! In the past two weeks we made shelf space for over 10 new types! And we're working on expanding our mezcal selection, too.

Don't forget about the food!

This spring and summer, look for a continual transition into local, independent produce. And we'll have a ton of fresh, lively specials. Perhaps some new salsas? A slate of new tacos, sea and land!? Hell yes.

And don't forget about the beer! I know Fountain Square and New Day have some delightful numbers planned. And we expect to have them on draft when they're ready!

Stay tuned, amigos. Thanks for everything!

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